Vire Labs is focusing on demanding software projects in all device categories from IoT sensors to Mobiles Phones.
Our customers are innovative companies ranging from small-scale vendors to global market leaders.

Embedded systems

The world is full of IoT, Mobile Phones, Wearable devices etc. These systems typically have a requirement for limited power consumption.

Sometimes there is also a need to make system-level
changes to meet new feature, performance or
security requirements.

We have a profound understanding of the entire system -
be it hardware, operating system or
application development.


We are providing application development for all Operating Systems.

We are specialised in applications with high quality user experience and graphics.

Proven expertise - our applications are used in over a million devices.

Graphics development

Graphics are everywhere: in mobile phones, computer games, PCs, cars, televisions etc.

We have a profound understanding of graphics technology - performance, quality, user experience etc.

Our team has developed a graphics engine for mobile devices that is used in over a 50 million devices.