Recent recruitments

Vire Labs has recently recruited three software professionals. In the following you may get acquaintanced with our new recruitments.

Jyrki Parviainen, Senior Staff Engineer

Jyrki has over ten years of professional experience in programming, in addition to twenty years’ experience in hobby programming. He is an independent, analytic and self-guided graphic programmer, who is capable of working seamlessly in a global team. Several customer visits within the years and meetings with the teams abroad have counterbalanced his remote work. Lately, Jyrki has been responsible for significant software components in market-leading chipset manufacturer projects, which has been commercialized in various mobile devices by many notable mobile phone manufacturers. “I have always been fascinated by real-time computer graphics and I really enjoy continuing this exciting journey!”, says Jyrki.

Toni Lönnberg, Senior Staff Engineer

Toni started with computers as a graphics artist and a composer but after a while he shifted into coding. Beginning with Pascal he got involved with the PC "demo scene" and along the road moved to using C/C++. During the Internet boom, Toni created financial solutions for different banking companies with Java but still being interested in low-level engineering, ending up optimizing triangle rasterizers with ARM assembler and creating memory managers and audio replay systems. After moving to more high-level for a while and being involved with creating games for the mobile device market, Toni moved back to low-level programming – namely creating an OpenGL ES driver and the microcode for the underlying technology. Toni also has been doing even HW work with Verilog, System-C and high-level synthesis.

Jukka Liimatta, Senior Staff Engineer

The Guru. Speaks binary language and can turn invisible.